[Ebook] The crucial concept of co-development for Open Innovation

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[Ebook] The crucial concept of co-development for Open Innovation


Many companies have evolved from a closed-innovation model to Open Innovation, and have made the most of their networks to satisfy their need for innovation. Is collective knowledge a prerequisite for Open Innovation today? Let’s discover the concept of co-development!

Co-development, from the idea of the product to its production


Co-development is inseparable with Open Innovation. This concept relies on experts and skilled workers from all horizons collaborating all together, but also on a common goal directing the collaborative development of a project. Co-development can be set up at any level of technological growth, from the conceptualisation of the product to its production or methods of distribution. But isn’t sharing for growing a utopia?

Is co-development a relevant solution for all industries?


Don’t be mistaken: collective innovation isn’t as foggy as it may seem at first. In fact, it can apply to any industrial sector in search for innovation. When knowledge passes from one industry’s hand to another’s, it can indeed be a great source of inspiration and growth to both sectors.
In this ebook, you’ll discover 6 very concrete examples of Open Innovation and co-development strategies that performed brilliantly. These innovative success stories take place in the context of various technical problematic, such as:

• Improving bread crispness
• Assessing the application of new materials to electronic enclosures
• Preparing titanium surfaces and composite parts by dry processing
• Seeking a safe and controlled exothermic reaction
• Designing a contactless braking system
• Conceiving a guiding system for autonomous vehicles

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