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[Guide] Open Innovation options to consider


Open Innovation Practice – Which option to choose?

When an answer to a question cannot be found internally, when the company has opted for outsourcing, what is the best way to deliver that answer, what are the best options for finding this outsourced solution?

For example,

o   Is it necessary to ask the market intelligence or scouting teams (if they exist)?

o   Or should the project manager be sent to a few conferences?

o   Maybe Google is the best way forward?

o   Or would an external consultant be more effective?

o   Is it better to address the question to experts or ask as many people as possible (the crowd)?

o   Is LinkedIn an option?

o   What about open innovation platforms?

Three families of approaches can be identified: doing oneself / DIY, using a consultant, or going through a platform; One can also consider that two main sources of ideas can be mobilized.

In this Guide, you will discover the list of options to consider, their pros and cons, how to choose the best Open Innovation approach for your company, and a practical way forward.


Open innovation: they are the 99% !

Open Innovation knowledge


I only wanted to share this simple infographics inspired by a presentation by Creax . Their presentation includes nice representations of the Open Innovation benefits, recommended.

This one simply tries to represent what an innovative company, no matter how big it is, may represent in the world’s global knowledge.

At best 1% of their domain, a drop in the sea.

[tweetherder]Open Innovation is about exactly this: allow you to benefit from the other 99% of knowledge[/tweetherder]