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Orange opens innovation crowdsourcing platform « imagine with Orange »

Orange innovation teams are harnessing the power of crowdsourcing by tapping into the collective wisdom of the people at the very forefront of the digital revolution: consumers. As part of the “Imagine with Orange” initiative, your ideas take on a global dimension, giving you the chance to influence the development trajectory of digital services at Orange, or to pursue your idea by initiating an entrepreneurial venture. This is what makes the Imagine platform truly collaborative, and a unique initiative.

Imagine with Orange” seeks to mobilise the innovative potential of the community. Every quarter, ordinary consumers around the world are invited to offer their input via Imagine platform on various thematic topics ranging from education and shopping to health care. Ideas are then collectively curated: ideas go all around the world, and hundreds of people will comment on them and enrich them. The community is shaping the innovation.

Orange invites the people behind the most successful ideas to take part in a workshop in Paris with Orange innovation experts. Ideas can then join the Orange innovation stream, or give birth to entrepreneurial projects and start-ups. Thus, a local innovation can have a global span.

The first campaign starts now, addressing Connected Family topic: Distributed family, disconnected family, recomposed family, can digital help us assemble the familial jigsaw? Is digital a bridge or a gap with our digital native kids ? Is it a new way to be Babycare? Everyone is invited to share his ideas on until 2014, October 31st.

Share your ideas, Orange is helping you to give them life!

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