Innovations of Football Stadiums during the World Cup (2014)

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Innovations of Football Stadiums during the World Cup (2014)

Innovations of Football Stadiums

The New Technologies

For those of you who we were not interested in the #WC2014 or were travelling to the moon, may be you have not noticed the Innovations of football stadiums this year.

They were a few, detailed in a nice article by the Washington Post:

1. Goal-line camera technology

The goal-line technology by Goalcontrol records 500 images per second and detects if the ball crossed the line in real-time, no more fake or missed goals as we had in 2010. This must the progress part of “ordem e progresso”

Yes, one can ask what the refrees are supposed to do…

2. The vanishing white foam

No more messy free-kicks, every player stay behind a foam line that the referee draws on the grass. This is definitely the Order part of “ordem e progresso” !

And yes, this is no more than shaving foam but an innovative way to use it…

3. High-tech jerseys and shoes

Nike, Adidas and Puma competed with announcements on breakthroughts in clothing and fabrics. Some claimed they had provided “cooling t-shirts”, Puma even claimed they had invented a fabric that could “micro-massage specific muscle areas and boost overall stamina” !

This makes me think of other charms of Brazil, but not in the national motto (sorry…).

4. The ball

The ball itself is an innovation. Adidas claims it has superior grip, touch, stability and aerodynamics. It was actually tested by NASA !

I guarantee less wobbling and more straight kicks.

5. iPad scouting apps

Coaches are walking around with iPads running scouting apps telling them how players perform compared to their opponents.

But this Innovations of Football Stadiums are not going to…

Unfortunately all these World Cup innovations did not help Brazil perform during the cup, and (fortunately) there is no app able to tell who is going to win the final.

So tonight is your last chance to see this technology in action.

And may the best win!

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